Why Choose Us?

Honesty & Reliability

U.N. International provide an honest approach giving realistic timescales for your process and advice as to the best and most efficient way of finding candidates with the right skills for your business. We appreciate that finding the right skill is paramount to the development and future success of our clients and so we regard this very highly. We will work with you to understand your business vision and strategy as well as issues and needs, in order that we can identify the best resourcing solution for you. Our consultants are industry experts who tailor approaches to recruitment to a client’s specific requirements.


We appreciate in many instances clients are looking to recruit because someone has left or because they have an increase in work load. In each circumstance time is of the essence and it is important to get a short list together with haste in order to get interviews conducted faster and ultimately get to the offer and acceptance stages as quickly as possible, whilst still finding the best person for your position.

Referencing & Identifying

When recruiting it is essential to find candidates that fit the technical requirements of the post, but it is also essential that they will fit into the ethos and development of your company. We work closely with each applicant finding out exactly what their aspirations are whilst assessing their overall suitability for each position. We deliver top class candidates through a unique selection process, incorporating reference checking, qualification checks and identity checks which means that perfect fit candidates are sent to clients from the onset, saving their time, energy and resource. We will approach and highlight the best resource – U.N. International techniques for data mining and applicant collection is foremost in our success. The majority of our competitors rely upon searching the same database and the same job vacancy board for their applicants. We pride ourselves upon providing the best results by approaching the best candidates and making them aware of opportunities, quite often people who are in demand and those who appreciate our personal and confidential approach.

Friendly Approach

When you are looking to find new resource it is often because you are over worked, the last thing need is someone who is difficult to deal with, so we here at U.N. International have a team who are professional, friendly, down to earth, honest, and hardworking. Successful recruitment is a skill and an art form; let us find the right solutions to your requirements and ultimately get to the offer and acceptance stages as quickly as possible, whilst still finding the best person available for the position available.

Great Relationships, Great Trust, Great Service.

That's what we strive for.